Common questions about working with Tax Junction

Q: How will Tax Junction communicate with me?

A:  We love email and will send most requests, questions, and final returns by email.  We also have a portal set up for each client for sharing and storing tax documents.  We want to get to know you so there will be a phone call or two as well.  We are also very happy to get an office visit too but as we know how precious time is, face to face visits are entirely optional.  We can do everything we need to do with email, phone calls and our portal.

Q: What is the process to prepare my U.S. tax return?

A:  Our office and processes are entirely paperless with fillable documents that clients can complete.  Clients will need to be able to print, sign and scan authorization forms.  All returns, U.S. and Canadian, will be e-filed and clients will have access to their full copies of their returns and slips in their client portal.

Q: When will my tax return be prepared at Tax Junction?

A:  As we focus solely on personal tax for individuals, we make tax season all year long.  As U.S. tax returns are easily extended until October 15th, we schedule certain types of returns at different times in the year.  We make sure no deadlines are missed and all interest and penalties are avoided.  By grouping similar returns to be done together it helps us be more effective and focused too. We will keep you informed of when your return is expected to be ready and will work with you if you have any timing concerns.

Q: What are Tax Junction's fees?

Our fees are based on the level of work we anticipate to be needed to prepare your tax returns.  We make our quotes based on a review of your past year tax returns and your individual facts. Provided all facts are known, we will stand behind our fee quote even if it takes longer than we had planned.  We have listed a few starting prices below but please contact us to get a more specific quote.

Form 1040, start at $500

Form 114 (FBAR), start at $150

Form 1040NR, start at $450

State tax returns, start at $250

T1 Canadian Tax return, start at $350


Q: I really like my Canadian tax accountant. Do I have to do both returns with Tax Junction?

A:  Absolutely not.  In fact, we rely on most of our clients either getting their Canadian tax returns done elsewhere or doing it themselves.  This is because Canadian tax season is basically over at the end of April.  Whereas, we have until October 15th to file most U.S. tax returns.  Thus, we have a lot more time to devote to clients that simply need help with their U.S. returns.  We are happy to work along side your Canadian tax accountant for any planning or questions that pop up.

Q: Can Tax Junction help with my corporate taxes and family trust?

A: Tax Junction focuses solely on personal tax for individuals.  We can, however, recommend some accountants that can help with corporate and trust tax needs.

Q: Can Tax Junction help with my Canadian or U.S. immigration needs?

We have a basic understanding of some immigration topics however, we always recommend seeking proper legal advice from an immigration lawyer.  We are happy to connect you with lawyers in this field.

Q: I don’t need any U.S. tax help, can Tax Junction help with my Canadian tax return anyway?

A: The more you focus on one area, the better you get at it and the better you can serve your clients.  For that reason, we try to only help clients with cross-border tax needs.