Our firm focuses only on U.S. and Canadian taxes for individuals living in Canada. We know how the two countries tax systems work together and where they don’t. We advise, prepare and help file all tax returns and forms for individuals for both countries. We put numbers in boxes, fill out forms and make sure no filing deadlines are missed so you can sleep at night knowing your cross-border tax needs are being taken care of.





U.S. Citizens living in Canada

Whether you have never filed yet and need to do a ‘catch up filing’ or need annual returns filed, whether you need your Canadian tax return prepared too or if you already have a Canadian tax accountant, we can help.


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Non-U.S. Citizens working or investing in the U.S.

Live in Canada but work in the U.S.? Have a rental property or other income generated in the U.S.? Whatever the situation, we can help with your U.S. tax filing obligations.


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Relocating to or from the U.S. and Canada

A cross-border move can be overwhelming. We offer consultations before or after the move and are happy to help with the ‘transition’ year of your tax returns, even if you are okay on your own after that.


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